First step forward

I'm working on some improvement of my blog site. I've already bought something for it. Then I'm currently working on some tech changes. Expect its having been revamped by the end of November. It'll have looked differently by that time I hope. And I hope you'll like it too. 

On a different note, while I've been clearing up my hard drive, I found some old photos of mine which unexpectedely seemed cute to me. So I decided to post them here for your visual satisfaction. 

Those were the days as they say!!! 

Interesting thing is that I used to try every possible style. I even don't wanna mention those crazy years at school when I dyed my hair every season using different colors: blond, dark chocolate, red, and even blue (hello, Léa Seydoux). 
Do you remember a verse from Madonna's "American life" which starts with this line: "I tried to be a girl...". Now let's change it a bit and sing after me (try to сopy MDNA's voice while singing for a funnier effect and click on the links below then): 

"ahhhhI tried to be  a wolf , I tried to be a cat, a fairy soldier too, and a wood goblin then, and after that I tried to be rebel like Eduard Limonov, it doesn't rhyme but F#ck it. Yeah..f#ck it. Then I tried, tried  to be a gay, tried to find a friend etc...!" LOL

But back to normal, not zoo-riented approach, I'd like to start my pornographic photographic report from back 2008 when I was studying at the University and getting my first bachelor degree (yes, I'm an educated b#tch - whatever you thought. ha-ha). 

I can say that my style has evolved by now. And I'm happy that I've always had an opportunity to play with different styles (thanks, mom!). So, comments away, let me show you ME ME ME in history: 


I was wavin' between rock and excentric styles like frantic and I love  my long dandelion-like hair

leather jacket, striped poplin trousers, white shirt (all by Helen Lichutina), socks (flee market), shoes (local market)

Do you wanna see me as a  trash rock star? Click NEXT


Salvador Dali: Vogue & GQ covers at MMOMA

Photo courtesy: CondeNaststore

Are you in Moscow, Russia? Don't know how to spend time? Then rush to MMOMA aka Moscow Museum of Modern Art which is in Gogolevsky Boulevard, 10 to have a look at the exhibition made of Salvador Dali's original works which is being in full swing now. 
I would die to simply catch a glimpse of those GQ & Vogue covers designed by the infamous artist in real. 
I've been a huge fan of 'Avida Dollars' Dali since I was a school boy. First, I remember myself dawdling along the book-racks in the school library in search of his "Diary of a Genious". Unfortunately, in vain. Those were the (poor & f#gly) days...
Lo and behold, I could find it at my literature teacher's place (who used to be my Muse and the greates 'book worm' I've ever known, BTW) who had an old edition of the book: all shabby and faint. 
My eyes sticked to the narrative autobiography which seemed like a surrealistic paradise to me where I would like to settle down forever. Everybody would! 
Then I remember how they exhibited  authentic Picasso & Dali's pictures here in Krasnodar  two years ago. I visitited the exhibition, and I could hardly breath because of excitement. I had a really "dreams come true" moment at that time. 
And now this exhibition at MMOMA. Oh, I would definetely go if I could visit Moscow now. But alas! 
The only thing I'll be satisfying my visual pleasure will be the local bloggers' (lucky b#tches!) reposrts from the event. I would appreciate if you e-mail me some pictures if some of you decide to go. 
And if you have extra free 125$ you might be interested in the posters designed by Salvador Dali specifically for Vogue. I think this is a good idea to implement some art moments into a fabric of fashion which Vogue is quintessence of, cause art and fashion are inseparable. 

Alexander Wang pour H&M

I know millions of fashionistas would die for this collaboration! Loves it...And I need to do sport!!! 

Is that Natasha Poly who's making 'salto' and jumping through the wall (min 0:57)? Genious...Answers via mchabale@yandex.ru, plz. 

Person of the Day: James Franco  or a bald prince

Photo courtesy: TheFashionisto

As many of you have e-mailed me and said that you liked the post of the same name featuring a Russian scandalous TV diva Bozhena Rynska (thank you and kiss kiss), and as one of my readers from Poland asked me if I was gonna do the same post about a male,  I thought that's a good idea (thank  you!!! Identify yourself, sweetheart). 
That was not an easy choice I must say, cause you know how weak I am in the knees when I see hot males whenever they are.
I've been browsing sites for god knows how many hours to find an appropriate face till lo and behold I found out an article about James on the super exciting web - resourse about celebs - PerezHilton. Actually, this is the only website about celebs I religiously read. I strictly recommend it to those who haven't added it in  their RSS yet. 
The article says: "James has shaved his head — and we're not talking about the buzzed look. The skin on his skull is as bare as a baby's bottom. And no, James isn't starring in a Mr. Clean biopic, but the new and questionable look IS for a movie role".
My jaw dropped down when I saw this: 

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A bit of ART, anyone? 

Photo courtesy by Svetlana Sergeeva

I know my knowledge about art is just ridiculous. I can't tell the difference between Monet and Manet if you ask me to do so even in front of a shotgun. But art has always been the greatest source  of inspiration for me. 
That's why when one of my best friends Svetlana, whose work you can see above, told me she was launching a small 'secret business', I was the first person who persuaded her to unveil it on my humble personal area aka my blog. Because it's related to art! I actually see my personal obligation as a blogger to help  and support young talents all around the world. 
But before we talk about the business in detail, let me say a few words about Svetlana.
She's a young talented painter originally from Vologda (what? where's it? I don't care...somewhere near sexy Moscow). She is super nice and naturally beautiful. She's young, cheerful and kind.  She's a caring mother. Her husband is a millionaire (But she doesn't mind if he's replaced by a billionaire HA-HA. hush-hush). We've known each other for ages. And I know that Svetlana is not only a professional, but she's a really good friend. I love her! 
Okay, let's stop this f#gly ass licking. JK! 

Well, meet MOIself & SVETLANA at my 1st apartment when  we were (oh God!) young and stydying at the University: 



Photo credit: gq.ru

This is a hysterical  historical moment. It must be engraved in gold and platinum in the annals. I have chills down my spine every time I see collections which leap out of  any possible imagination because of their strength  and strong political or whatever statement. Like this  collection of a no brainer genious Mr. Van Beirendonck. 
I remember another genious designer - Umit Benan  - who paraded down the runaway with a poster screamin' "No racism"in his hands declaring the same  position as the previously mentioned  Van Beirendonck. 
I support both of them and the pleiade of those talented artists who  don't support understatement about the topic. Besides, I'm pleased that there was cyrillics used to make a statement stronger I hope. 


Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show: the best clothes hands down!

Glossy, sexy, sporty, chic collection by Alexander Wang for the next summer season made me cream in my pants. I've talked about my favourite show of the season (Chanel ) in the previous blog entry, but Wang's collection amazed me by its 100% refined commercial approach mixed with hundreds of the perfectly-tailored slick, polished pieces. If I had all money of the world, I would buy every piece in every possible color palette, I'm not joking. High-waisted satin trousers, embroidered crop bodices, structural blazers, and oh those to-die-for hand-bags - mmmmmm....perfection! 

See yourself and tell me what your favourite piece of the collection is:

Agnes B: "Je m'appelle HMMM" 

There is nothing more exciting to me when I see people related to fashion industry being involved in discordantly opposite projects like movie industry, for instance,  where they have another opportunity  to express themselves even more than in making clothes.
I'm looking forward to watch "Je m'appelle HMMM" in full-length format, a movie directed by one of my favourite designers and stylists  - Agnes B.
 BTW, it has already been screened as part of the 51st New York Film Festival at Film Society of Lincoln Center last September. So, it is promising and I'm going to watch the film as I'm all for good ol' tear - jerkers cause I love them so much. Here is a trailer to preview what this film is about.

No thanks! I love y'all. Could you tell me your favourite movie made by a designer? Or made about a designer? E-mail me your answers. I'll appreiate that!!! My e-mail is - mchabale@yandex.ru

Forever yours,

Maurice Chabale


Person of the Day: Bozhena Rynska

Photo via http://becky-sharpe.livejournal.com

I'm starting a new category on my humble personal area where I'm going to write about people I like or who inspire me somehow or whose personal life experience is exemplaire for me. And let me introduce you to the first name - Bozhena Rynska. 
Frankly speaking,  I was not interested in her personality so much till the moment I heard that Naomi Campbell's syndrome had striken her when she tried to attack an NTV reporter or he attacked her blah-blah-blah. 

September 11 2013 Bozhena and her husband Igor Malashenko, according to Moscow police, attacked an NTV reporter and cameraman in Bozhena`s house`s yard at Lesnaya st.. They took away the reporter`s microphone and beat him. Rynska and Malashenko charged that they couldn`t get rid of the importunate journalists, who were waiting for them near the house. Novaya Gazeta characterized the NTV journalists` methods of work as “far from professional” and Bozhena`s behavior as a “furious animal`s reaction”.

Source: FLB, 11.09.2013

Scandal is the best PR as they say. So the incident drew my attention. I googled her name and found her infamous blog.
I actually don't care what's going on in the blogosphere in Russia, but gosh, her blog is so sticky. I've spent hours reading it. This outrageous woman calls Putin "посредственным....жучок" (excuse my French; but I'd literally interprete this as  "a mediocre bug") live!!!! She literally had a fight with a man (as far as I can see her Hermes bag was involved). She used to date a Russian billionnaire. She is making friends with the most influential people in Russia. I love, I love Bozhena!!!! I think she's really 'russe'.  She's my personal hero. And she must be 'it person', and not the ones you might see before Fashion Month in Paris and Milan starts.  

Pet Shop Boys "I'm not scared" for Chanel Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear 2015 show

I don't know how about you, but I was crying after I saw the latest show the ST. HOUSE of CHANEL set up on Tuesday, 30th October, (I know I'm the least person who's commenting on the show). Thank you, my spiritual brother and teacher Bryanboy.com, for the link. 
I watched the full - length show through Bryan's website and I was emotionally striken.  I guess we're all living for such great moments like Mr. Lagerfeld the Great releases season after season. But this collection is so amazingly powerful!  
Every piece on the catwalk was a real hymn to the unique history of the House, freedom, and, finally to women in general! Every detail of the backdrop was screaming: "French chic!". And oh please, let's not talk of divine Gisele! Look at her both a bit frivolous and elegant posture. 
Though Mr. Lagerfeld himself "dismissed any grand political meaning", I'm sure there was a huge one in his genious head while he was making this collection. 
While men are playing war games and sitting in oval dusty cabinets, women are taking action. Women will save the world, - that's the hidden statement he vaguely worded like "right for the moment". We all need a good mind shake. It must be loud, it must be powerful, it must be heard! 
How wise of "Uncle Karl" (Bryan Boy's term). Women make a little over half  of the world's population, so they make up a majority of consumers. 
So, dear gurls and gayderellas, let's get our credit cards ready and massively go 'chanellopping' (my term) for the following beautiful garments I liked the most (All the photos are found on liveinternet.ru):

click NEXT 

Яндекс цитирования.