This is it! 

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce: this is it! At least for mauricechabale.blogspot.ru. 
Don't worry though! I'm still with you, my beloved readers! I just needed some fresh  air, you know, some kind of change. But one who wants the said change should kill a lazy queen in oneself. 
Those who follow me on Instagram know that I've just had the best opportunity of improving my visual content by having bought a new iPhone.  I'm proud of having joined the club - a friendly family of everything new and perfect  - as Tim Kuk is proud of being gay (my inner Queen is excited: do I have the chance of marrying him one day?). 
And another thing I did is moving to mauricechabale.com. It seems more coherent to me. Don't you think so? 
By renaming my blog I hope to be able to focus on content that really matters to me and pick up an appropriate pace of writing again. And I also hope that EVERY person who's been following me up till this point keeps checking out my new address too. Coz the only recipient of what I've been doing for almost a year and will keep doing as long as possible is you, you you, and yes, you who I love from the bottom of my heart!!!! 
My contact details remain the same though, but you can also write me here

Faithfully yours, 
Maurice Chabale

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