Scream out a 'Big Yes' to Monsieur Yudashkin!

I dunno how abt you, cuties, but I'm hugely proud of what our personal Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfelds, Vera Wangs with a Russian "propiska" (read  'a living permit') keep doing!  One of them,  who apparently has no any international name to be compared with, the infamous Russian couturier Valentin Yudashkin gave birth to a new Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection.  Let me introduce you to a full-length video by Fashion Channel .
I can't stop saying 'yes-yes-yes' to everything there starting from my adorable Pharell's soundtrack as a livestream catwalk accompaniment to very chic footwear pieces (why ain't I been born a gurl to wear all this pure luxury?) up to the ultimate look!
The fur coat on 2:45 min is a seasonal must have for Matryoskafuckas, a citizen of Russian megapolis.  I can't wait for going to Moscow to try some of these pieces on. I'm bound to surf Valentin's website for now to let my pores sop the beauty online.

Fool's Day

Do you have any ideas for the International Fool's Day? Here are mine (actually, not personally invented, but licked away from the Internet) if you'd like to take revenge upon your monstrous friends who used to keep stealing your lipgloss while you were doing your things in WC, or upon your superior co-workers who had once overcharged you with some extra work. Keep cold-hearted while doing this, but be ready to meet with a rebuff! 

Photo credit: Maxim

You work it hard (you work it): search for your life lessons in song lyrics!

By following my inner intuition I've found an answer to the burning question which has been persuing me for ages:   "What's ya next step, baby?"

And you won't believe me if I reveal the name of a person who's helped a lot!
 Press NEXT


The most awful day in my life 

OMG, why oh why does this sh#t  happen to me? Why can't I be a fortune - teller? If this is my Karma, I'd better sell myself into slavery for I'll have nothing to lose. Just kiddin'.  Forget it! 
Things had turned to the worst when I woke up at 9AM and found out that VOILA:  there's  no water in the tap, no electricity either! Thank my farsight, I had stocked some water in galoons beforehand and it wasn't dark in the street so I could use my tablet as a mirror to lotion my face (Yes, oui, si: I NEVER get out of my apartment without putting cosmetics on). Actually, this sh#t has been happening to MOI since I moved into this place I am now. And there is nothing worse than doing facial with cold water, not having taken a shower afore. 
Friday is my official day-off, but I've got to do some freelance work (the summer is going to show up, you know, so I need loads of new things) for the last decade, so I can't f#ck up on my clients. 
I had to grab my ass out. The weather is sh#ttier than my mood is. People seem to be ugly physically and mentally. 
I've seen so many trash people for now, you won't believe me if I describe how trash they are. They are rude and tired of their miserable lives. Me too, BTW. Oh, where is my dark-skinned Prince Charming on BMW who'll drive me away to his Golden Gate villa at the seaside somewhere in a paradise-like island? 
Revenons a nos moutons,  though! 
Well, it would have taken me god knows how much time to wait for the cab,  so I'd got a bus and had I better taken that f###ing  taxi coz public transport is always such a drama, especially in my country of matryoshkadollfuckersanddramalovers  the "kindest people in da world". 
I had only to take a seat wishing to catch up with my sleep, when my left ear detected a dissatisfied mumbling which belonged to an old lady in her early fifties (so she is not so old then, though she looked like a drunk whore). She begged for my seat, not anybody else's one but MY f##ing window SEAT warmed by my fab ass!!!! There was another woman next to me, so it took me to play good ol' acrobatic rider to leave the seat for the lady and to form in a row of faceless, badly smelling people crowding the bus. A gentleman inside MOI couldn't say no to her! Did I say that the old bitch went off after three stops though? Wish her all the best worst! 
On my way home I encountered a late bloomer who was retelling his experiences in Chernobyl to his younger brother I guess, whatsoever. The thing is he was like a loudspeaker which they typically use at meetings to shitload the crowd.  And  everybody beside him, including ME, had to listen to his eloquent story about  a woman who had been blown up the mine, and about himself escaping from a radioctive acvtivity whatchemcallit.  
As soon as I arrived I got a message from my client that rain or sunshine she couldn't come. Shit! 
I burst out crying out all the curse words I know right in the street.  
Then I was in a terrible traffic jam. 
I was terribly hungry so I decided to drop into a cafe near my hood and they served me a rotten meat. Can you imagine? One of the pieces was extremely dry and there were some hardly identified green spots in its fibres. 
In fact, I felt an orgasm when I crossed my porch line.  I was so happy to be at home. 
The first thing I did was I took a shower, then I started surfing the Internet and look at the news I got found:

Window shopping

I had a gap between my working hours today, so I decided to go for a walk despite gloomy weather outdoors, and to go window shopping as I've already spent too much for the current moment. Oh boy, if only I could spend less....
I liked the way they decorated a shop-window at EXCELSIOR very much: 

 Frankly speaking,  I'm thrilled to get in there, coz they have a very unhospitable atmosphere IMHO, as if  you know, they'll turn my fgly fab ass away,  the very exact moment I'll  dare to make a step towards this luxury store with all my ghetto looks. 
I guess this fear comes from those times when I was about seven y.o., MOI and my mother popped in a Versace boutique in St. Petersburg (I still remember a marquee - like yellow building hidden deep in the trees), and the shop-assistants from there turned their looks on us the way,  as if we had been  mice destined to be fed to some street cats from a trash bin. 
I've had a dream since then: Imagine MOI, proudly parading inside one of these posh places,  wearing all my fabulousness made in PradaDiorArmaniCouture Kingdom, trying everything they have on, making those b##ches treat me like a f###ing mother bee,  and then leaving with nothing more than  a trivial thingie on my limb. 
Just kidding. Let's stop these stupid complaints of a ghetto middle class worth. Queens don't misbehave, right? 
 On my way back I noticed a wonderful dress at SOBRANIE, look here:


I never thought of this ability of figures and numbers to bring delight before!!!! This is the first step me and you, my beloved readers,  have successfully overcome! Congraaats! Thank you!!!! I'll do my best not to dissapoint you, my loves!!! I hope you'll be supporting MOI and people who make my adventures possible as you've been doing for all this time this blog exists. Don't hesitate to post comments and send me words of LOVE! I'm sure you'll find what you search for whatever it is. 
My next goal is 1K followers and friends!!!! I love y'all!!!! Kiss'n'hugs.

I'm wearing:
1) black and white striped waistecoat (Elena Lichutina);
2) a bamboo linen shirt (bought in Vietnam);
3)bag ( Salvatire Ferragamo );
4) sunglasses (Matrix);
 P.S: I know my hair is mess!!!!!!!!!! Tshhh.....


Congratulations, Dear Suzy!

Photo credit: Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images Europe

While browsing from one site to another I've found the best news of the entire day!!! 
And I just wanna say that, my beloved GRAMMA Suzy deserves this more than whoever it may be! 
I think,  that after parading from the International Herald Tribute to The International New York Times she's finally formed into the nest of her beyondness where with the help of the most powerful editorial in the world, she'll find more opportunities to make us, fashion ogres, happier with all her chef'-d'oevric piecies of writing. I know she feels "thrilled" according to her own words, but I believe in her, and I'm happy for her very much! 



I'm inspired from the very first moments of the video. Go, Gaga, go! 
Could you do me a favour, sweethearts???? Plz, you know I'm not used to begging for something, but this is a question of life & death? PLZ, oh PLZ,  tweet me the name of that G.U.Y who's holding Gaga in her arms on 7:15 min.?
Have you appreciated the way she praised each and every piece of her team? Boy, it's huge! She even did't forget to mention some of the electrics' names!!!! Such a nice person this Lady Gaga!  I've always known that the most successful people are the kindest creatures in the world! (Natasha Vodyanova is forward!!!!!)
What d'y'all think of the video? Post comments and don't forget to enclose some words about how you love MEEEEEEEEE!!! I love you all!!! You, you, yes, and even you!!!


The Book or the Movie? 

I just finished watching a movie by G. Sidorov based on M. Ageyev's novel "Cocaine Romance" three minutes ago, so I'm ready to share my impressions about it with you, my dear readers! 
Let me equip you with a few of introductory words about the film and the book. 
"Cocaine Romance" is a short novel written by Marc Levi, not that popular French "enfant pourri" who is adored by MOI and by a French audience (and it's reasonable) you may have thought of (and his surname is LEVY, BTW), but by a Russian novelist hardly known in his motherland (shame on HER), and whose life is "shrouded in mystery and conjecture"
M. Ageyev is a nom-de-plume. 
I had first read the book of the same name, of course, and only now I'm watching the film of the same name though it dates back to 2013.  So I read it earlier in the dark ages when I had my practice at the Univerpity. University. 
Actually,  I hate when directors have balls courage to make a film out of a book. Especially, out of classics. If a director decides to make a film version of some 'ready-to-shoot' scenarios they, in most cases, blunder. IMHO, it might work for science fiction or horror films, but not for stories literally etched in words by some genious minds. And isn't it impudent to dare to reanalize what's already immortal, let alone the film version is 'an author's interpretation and has nothing to do with the original novel' like most of directors say. So let it be if the film makers don't have pretentions (but I'm sure that everyone does).    
"Cocaine Romance" doesn't make an exception. They say that one can utter a good word or nothing about a dead man. So I can't judge G. Sidorov's work. I'm not a professional film critic either. Let me just expload with my subjectiveness. 

I can remember when I once was pacing along the street full of white mild cornflakes falling down on my cheap "doudoune" jacket with a faux fur string along its hood's rim, and there was an audiobook by M. Ageyev (aka M. Levi) in my Transcend headphones playing,  and there was also something magic that was deep inside me, ticklishing my sensitive mind. The book had brought me to a different epoch which was a part of the narration.  In the film I saw only some ephemeral echoes of it. Even Xenya Sobchac with her languishing manners couldn't help. But her looks were amazing, I must say. I can't say the same about her acting though. You may answer me back that she is not a professional actress. OK, I'll buy it!  The photos don't make those beautiful garments she wore justice though like the screen does. Or I'd like to see them in real.  Look:


Tweet-tweet from Zara with love

MOI, like most mere middle-class mortals, am obsessed with what Zara offers at their stores all ova the world, even if it's a Kuban hole (Don't cast the blame on MOI for my words, better say thanx to Zara!). 
And I was all wholehearted from head to toes, when I taught one of my fav. lessons from New English File Elementary about Amancio Ortega and his gorgeous chain stores, and I said that if I could I'd have bought all Zara Women pieces from 2013 spring/summer collection,  and 50% of ones from fall/winter Zara men. I didn't lie.   

Actually, I forgot when the last time I went shopping was,  for I've been bound up with loads of work for these days,  and I particularly don't go out. (I'd better be tortured by a gang of black 'ghaaaaanstas' than deprived of shopping for decades!!!). 
But my beloved friends do shopping for my sake (they are taught not only good Rushlish, but the way how to look fab too. Guess who's the teacher?). LOL 
Look what I got from one litl birdie yesterday night. BAAAM:


I'm not into politics, but....

I HAVE TO say that I am so  bloody envious of those nerdy look like bitches who are handing docs in to the most powerful people in politics. I don't wanna do any political statements, but I LURVE Vladimir Putin so much, not that I love him like a male (like I do when it comes to David Beckham - forgive me,  Victoria!!! - or Kaney West, or, Lord, forgive me too, Jason Statham and hoardes of other hot guys), I just respect him like a person, I like his way of behaviour despite what they're cackling around now and then (let alone I still disagree with some policies which concern human rights in the land of matryoshkafuckersandvodkalovers Russia).   
Rants over! I'm so happy to hear the Breaking news about Crimea's having become a part of  Russia again! Welcome back, holy land, it's been a long time! Say bye-bye to evil bastards who'd finally turned out to be losers with nothing on the plate. Now a new resort place is easier to go on holidays to have new aquaintances, yahoo!!! Now I know where to keep flaunting with my newly made swimwear that will cover my huge bollocks perfectly and make me so pretty as I am! 

Dreaming of the hussar regiment's outfit

When I went to Sevastopol (Ukraine) three months ago, I was roaming around in the streets and my eye detected one undistinguished shop where they sold costumes for carnivals and balls, more particularly, I fell in love with the hussar's uniform displayed right down in the shop-window. You know how I love hardcore uniform shifting. 
I love such authentic places. I really do. But my friend who accompanied me said: "Oh...come on, let's go there later". I agreed, cause, firstly I don't like going shopping with somebody if only that somebody hasn't got a bank account with the sum of 6, better 7 digits on it (Jokin'), secondly I was a bit tired at that moment. 
And what do you think I've found out when roaming from one website to another? Ready? Go:

Photo by: Piotr Serafin

Click - just - click to see more pictures

Tuesday boredom: Tyra's show. I Love Naomy Campbell

I've planned lots of things to do for today. But as you can see on the video I'm literally hindered inside my cozy litl nest because of the wind. So hoy, lazy boy! Let's do nothing but watching films, reading fashion stuff and enjoying online shopping. 
Dew like my new glasses by Langtemeng? I know the brand is a huge farm crap comparing to....Ok, no offensive comparisons! I just thought they might perfectly match yellow wrap shorts by Robert Rodriguez I'm going to buy now. What do ya think? 

Click to by them on shopbop.com

 I promise to update soon....Love y'all!!! Kiss & xoxo!!! 


Earlier this morning: "Свечу по центру"

Свечу по центру
I know that I need my skin being treated by an asthetician!!!! Don't blame me hard, cuties!!! 

Where to go? I dunno...

I have been tarrying over going to get my international passport for fu##ng half a year for I'm just terrified because of queueing in lines for ages. Did I say anything about century lasting traffic - jams in this pit that I have to bear every day, and that I'm completely fed up with? Everything is so slow in my damn but gorgeous TERRA TERRIBLE of matryoshkafuc##ersandvodkalovers.

There are two ways of getting the permission to go abroad and they are both so time-grabbing, leave alone getting visas coz it takes thrice more time.

Why do I need a visa?

I REALLY REALLY want to go somewhere, just some place in the middle of nowhere which lies beyond Russian borderlines. Oh please, PLEASE, please take me anywhere out of here!

Some people keep telling me that before going abroad I have to visit as more places in Russia, which are worth visiting,  as possible. I know it without their stupid preaches, Russia is a magic country. Tourists from different places are eagerly striving for visiting St. Petersburg and Moscow more than any other city in the world. I'm so proud of this.

But come on, for a mere liegeman of fashion as MOI, Russia will always stay a place which can wait till I'm toying around the infamous fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London.

In addition to the Fashion Blessed Trinity (frankly speaking I feel relatively neutral about all of them), I'd like to visit some exotic countries more than that, whereas they have interesting and tolerant people to hang out with, enough gorgeous backgrounds where I may swagger wearing my newly - tailored clothes, and thousands of fashion events to pop in.

Till I haven't got the passport I thought I could just make a simple plan and ratiocinate about the subject of where to go on holidays.

I don't know when I'm gonna have holidays but F##it!


Till the moment I got an aquaintance with a Turkish guy, I've always tried to ignore this country because unfortuately it had been defaced by uveruse by some of my friggin' compatriotes. I guess every Russian whose income wabbles between 800$ - 3000$ per month has been in Turkey at least once in his life, because it's cheap, it's close to Russia, and there is SEX SEX SEX all over the place. This county is said to smell sex. That's one of the reasons I'd like to go there. May be there I'll at last find my bald dark skin love match with full blown facial hair?! JJ (Just jokin').

My friend I've just mentioned about is not this kind of a guy physically, but he's a very kind, generous, friendly person I've ever met in my entire life, and if every Turkish guy is like him I bet my chances bein' up to 100 out of 1000%.

Add to the mentioned above authentic cuisine (which is said to be super wonderful too), good hotel service, markets with genuine Turkish fabrics, clean sea, Pamukkale, and lots of fun at the national nightclubs. Plus I'd like Turkish Fashion Week to be the first Fashion Week in my life! Yes, I'm not kidding: not Paris, not Milan, not London, even not Brazilian Fashion Week but Turkish one. Why? Because one of my favourite designers Umit Benan is originally Turkish. It's my personal hommage to his greatness!

BTW have you read the article by Isabella Burley about Mr. Benan in Dazed & Confused dated back October 2013? This is when I fell in love with his works. Thank you, Isabella Burley for the one another life - long lasting love in my life. 

So, enough copliments for now. What do we have here then? 


The only reason I wanna go there is 'infants terribles' from Antwerp: Walter Van BeirendonckAnn DemeulemeesterDirk Bikkembergs, and of course, Dries Van Noten.
I had loved all of them before my mother gave me a birth, be sure! OMG! All of them are the most talented designers in their segment, they are graduates from the best fashion educational venture ever - Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts. And I'm complimenting it not because entering there is my # 1 dream (Okay, happy marriage in a white suite by John Galliano goes first). 
Secondly, Belgium is closed to Paris, so I can kill two birds with one stone if I go there. And it's a gay friendly country yet, that's very important. 


This country is "a bubbling, bustling melting-pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony" as it's said on the Malaysian government's official portal. And this is just great!  Asian people own an exceptionnaly good taste in clothes. Approved by thousands of streetstyle blogs I browse every day! 
I would like to continue with my studies abroad and getting the second diploma in Malaysia would be nice for studies there are cheaper compared to ones in Europe. And it will be eligible in many European countries. Look at the prices here
One of my co-workers went to travel around Asia and she was at a loss of words when speaking about shopping in Malaysia. She bought some cool totes by some national designers You can imagine how I envied her!!! 

Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, South America (Peru, Venezuela, San Juan)

Three of them go in one pack of biscuits because I'm considering these places only as stand - bys,  if the variants listed above will f#ck on me for some reasons. 
Maybe,  I've already mentioned about my strong wish to become a volunteer in a developing country. If not, so I'm making a statement now. 
I woud really love to contribute to the society by helping people who need not only my help,  but many other people's help, and yours, and yours, and even yours! I don't have ambitious plans about this stuff, but I would be very pleased to do what I am able to do. Besides, adventures in one of the represented countries promise to be unforgettable. 
I dunno how exactly yet, but I'll figure it out.  
I'll have to contact some volunteer organizations like PeacecorpsTeachAbroadThailandNameinternGlobalVolunteersi-to-iVWISWorldTeachESL and some more as soon as I get my documents. 


I decided to visit this country right after I had watched my favourite film ever  - a 2002 Brazilian crime drama film Cidade de Deus by Fernando Meirelles. Frankly speaking, I had got the idea of studying Portuguese much earlier. But my lazy ass is to blame I ended up having the one  and the last in my life online course from Miss Always-looking-like-a-brazilian-goddess Gisele Bündchen on YouTube. 
Then I once found this video clip (inspired by Meirelles' film) by an English electronic music quartet Rudimental. I died.  I swear I haven't deleted this song from my playlist for two years and  kept on listening it again and again without  getting tired of it. 
So Brazil is my dream. I will go there rain or ....rain. This is just the question of time. 
Besides, I heard one of Brazilian street artists collaborated with Banksy. Would love to see their work.  Dew ya know anything abt this collaboration? 

Okay, enough with aimless dreaming. First things first, I have to get those damn docs!!!!! Let it cost me getting up at 7AM and huge bags under my beautiful every day chameleon - like eyes. 

What do ya all think about it: Turkey, Malasya, Brazil, Europe or Thai? E-mail me about your experiences with pieces of advice. I'll be glad to get into your vivid panel discussion. 
I love y'all, sleep well! 

Yours faithfully, 
Maurice Chabale


Voila: Do you like my new haircut

I'm back from the barber's near my hood. To tell the truth I have never been trembling over each and every hairs fallen off my head. 
My aunt had used to watch my head before I moved. I haven't been sticked to any salon since then and preferred to visit one which was the nearest to the place I live. 
As I have to change places every now and then like a mere Gypsy till they finish renovating my apartment, I'm obliged to be at different barber's every month. 
I've been to cheap and posh beauty salons (sometimes they were unwarrantably expensive). So I have something to compare between two types. 
The one I've just been to was as cheap as chips. I paid only 300R. And frankly speaking I couldn't feel the difference between this time and the time when I visited a salon in the city center where I'd left a quarter of a monthly revenue. Okay, may be less, but it's still expensive. 
I don't regret anything, but I've just caught myself at the following: "Could I get more valuable experience of understanding what simple people live for in the expensive beauty salon than that I'd  got in the cheap one earlier". My answer is NO, NO WAY! 
When I stepped in the cellar - like room painted loathsome pink, three gossipers sitting on a blue couch immediately turned their attention to my zipped laquered jacket which I jauntily wore on my shoulders.  
One of them showed me on a hairdresser chair with a slight inviting move of her head, so I sat down and decided not to take a peek, coz I'd got such a strange feeling compared to one when you feel confused after having done something which grabs at once lots of people's haterdeness. I mean I don't care what people think of me. But sometimes the grade is so high that you think it's better to resign epatage with the view of staying alive. LOL
She was lavishing care upon my head so that I was about to fall asleep when I heard that disgusting stupid idle talk about the last news from Ukraine. I mean what can be more stupid than two stupid hairdressers discussing politics? They had been retelling what they'd heard on TV overnight for fuckin' half an hour that I spent in the salon. And I was like: "OMG, save me from these stupid whores. PLEEEEASE!!!": And they were so fuckin' precise, subjectively critical and sure in what they were telling as if they'd spent a night at Maydan, or in bed with Mr. Putin or Mr. Klichko. I won't express my political views coz it's my business like it's ditto my business when it comes to a person I share bed with. But I think it's unfair to criticize someone or gossip about something you have no idea of!!!!!!! Ain't I right?  
That's why I hate some TV channels and I hate people who watch dat piece of crap and allow their TV presenters to be fooled like damn stupid bastards with no brain cells inside their heads. Let me cheel....
Maurice, relax, control yr breath, one-two-one-two...slowly...yeah, that's right!
I just mean this is just like breaking me up. 
People are fooled by the media in this country. It might be Okay if they were just fooled unconciously and that's it, but the worse thing is that they want to be fooled or they are incapable of confronting the evil which is daily streaming forward them. I feel blue again. Gotta go out to buy some sweets. Who's gonna join me? yey...


I'm pissed off. There is nothing worse than to get up at 12 AM bein' fresh and feelin' 100% healthy and not to find out your crusty mobile phone in the bag!!! You'll never believe what happened yesterday night. Hardly I knew that while writing the previous post about the advantages of taxi driving, my lovely cheap but good MTC phone with all 232 contacts in the list was lying on the Toyota backseat. Holy shit  crap!
I used to lose things. I lost them many times. God knows who were those lucky people who found my first Samsung laptop with a vanished plastic top, or hundreds of gloves and umbrellas which had been doomed to be lost one day. 
But it seems that it's a token when I decided to write that post yesterday paying hommage to the taxi driver who had the best taste in music I ever heard of in my entire life. I mean how then could you explain the fact that he called my mom himself to find out who was that stupid scatterbrain who'd forgotten his phone in the car?  
Btw he was so fu###n' attractive, that guy. He was about 30 y.o. He had short fair hair and a bit of facial hair. You know how down my knees are bent to the ground when I see men with a stubble.  
He was polite. And now there is one more positive trait reveiled. He's turned out to be a real gentle - man. I was about to get a virginity certificate and sell it to him therefore, when an angel on my right shoulder was like "Dew really wanna step aside every time he finds a new chick for an ONS (one-night-stand)?". I'm sure he's got one per night with his fierceness. Or he's married, so I don't want to become a family rival. Pardon my decency! So now you know how to buy my ass! LOL
Stupid asshole, I forgot to thank him. No,  of course I told him the sweetest 'thank you' with all my charms spreading around that I was able to, but I didn't buy anything. So I'm gonna buy something. Would ya help me, friends? May be a bottle of Veuve Cliquot or what...what...what? I have no idea!
If I could,  I would make him my personal driver and paid him thrice more than he used to get when taxi driving. 
So enough drama! I'm off to get a haircut. I need it badly!!!! Kiss you. Today I'm planning to get inspired and write something for my slavic speaking readers. 
I love all of you and you, yes, and you!!!! Send me love from overseas! 

Faithfully yours,
Maurice Chabale

Late night taxi drive and MUZIK

That’s been the way of my life for the past few years to copletely avoid using of public transport since those terrible moments when I’d been as poor as a beggar on the Louis Vuitton Paris flagman store’s porch so I couldn’t afford taxis or a personal driver. Thanks to my parents who had decided to teach me a ‘value of money’ lesson. I was a really bad teenager, I have to say. So maybe I deserved a punishment. But for me using public transport is friggin’ worse than ‘witch boiling’ death coz I hate this cheap phone bragging of an ultimate parvenu or the one of people who are sitting next to MOI. I hate when someone invades in my personal space and reaches its borders more than at finger’s length. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a misanthrope, I like people in common. I like working with them. That’s what I’m daily bound about. And I do like it! Sometimes I like getting on a tram and riding a couple of blocks if it takes me to get somewhere more than 200 ft way long. It saves my chic soles from destruction coz they need to be really resistant to our pavements or whatchemcallit. But if you ever try a Russian “marshrutka” (better known in English as a shuttle bus) you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The impertinent interference which gets on your nerves, that’s it. 
The best solution to escape from the nightmare of using a bus is a taxi. Especially for such blondes in driving like I am. Yeah, it’s not that perfect either,  but at least you can enjoy a priceless feeling of being on your own (if only a taxi driver is not an old bastard who thinks that the only thing you need in life is to listen to his talkie-talkie bullshit). Lucky I am to have normal young taxi drivers who respect me and leave me alone without getting me in talking after a hard working day. 
Music is one more thing that I love while being driven in a cab. 
I almost always ignore listening to the radio at home. But I don’t mind doing it if I don’t have my headphones on me. 
God knows how ignorant and musically unversed  I would be if I didn’t listen to the radio in taxis. I discovered lots of tunes that way which I had never  known before. Thanx to the shz.am app installed in my tablet. 
Today I was listening to two new nice sets by Max Romeo (‘Chase the Devil’) and by Matt Fear (‘Groove with it’). That’s the true inspiration for MOI! I love the beat…I love you! Share your music preferences and say that you LOOOVE ME!!! Sleep well. 



As I am a passionate blog lover and I read thousands of blogs a day and I can't imagine my life without tracking different people's lives who post pictures on their travelogues, adventurelogues, fashion credit webresourses, as I can't imagine my life without reading books or fashion magazines.
It's naturally become some kind of an equally dutiful procedure for me.
I'm sure that blogging is a long-lasting phenomenon. Firstly because blogs are guided by the new generation which consists of people who'd literally torn their place in the sun from the 'old school' adherents of fashion. And this deserves much respect. They won't give up so easily not to let social media  forget about them.
How surprised I was to find all the most influencial bloggers at one place! This was a Bloglovin agregator website, a new 'start-up' project which attracted more than 1mln. followers from all around the world and which I precipitated to join immediately.
It is easy to navigate there, so everyone can easily start folowing as many blogs as your majestic fab fag a$$es wish. And with Bloglovin it's absolutely unnecessary to browse several links to check the updates on your favourite blogs because the system renews the inner information itself. Have you joined Bloglovin, cuties? I did. Follow my blog there too!
I love y'all! Kiss each & every of your body cells!

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Throwback: Sochi 2012

I adore this photo!  It was made in Sochi in 2012 I guess,  and it was one of the happiest moments in my entire life. 

But first things first. Before arriving to Krasnodar to resolutely settle down  there I had been determined to move for Sochi. Why? First, it might sound stupid, but the year before MOI and my ex -  best friend (who I broke up with some months ago) had been wax fortune-telling (don't blame me 4 this plz!) and I got a magician riding on a dolphin's back as a symbol of my future place of destination. So I read it literally. Yeah! (Sorry my being blondie!) You don't beleive me? Watch yourself then! As there is no sea in Krasnodar it seemed logical that I'd move for the capital of the upcoming Winter Olympic Games 2014 which is actually at the seaside. For I had included the city in my wishlist just before the 'diabolesque' procedure took place. 
But if only things could be so simple. Fortune ditto bit my arse hard. 
I'll omit some details about my private life which resulted me to the following:  instead of living a happy, pretty careless life in Sochi in 2011 just after my final University graduation, I ended up going there by car with people I had hardly known,  with all my money been stolen from my super- tuper Ermenegildo Zegna brown leather purse. 
If only I could read signs correctly, I could have escaped from being cheated by my ex-employer in Sochi (a fucking bitch originally from Khazahstan turned out to be a criminal who had been enrolled in the international wanted list and faked her documents to cheat on poor people like MOIself. She'd owed me a quarterly royalty for my EXTREMELY hard job that I'd made while teaching over 100 people at that time. Remember the bitch's face). 
I was about to be devoured by the deepest depression when I met Dima & Idar from Vladikavkaz, the South Ocetia. We'd been having really happy times together for about a decade. That's when the photo above had been made. Now I understand that this is not just a good photo but also a good sign which turned my life for the better. Look at the splashing water around me and my graciously rebellious slim arms, and a smiling face. All this is screaming: "F##ck bad luck! I'm gonna be happy since the moment!". So now I know from my experience,  that you shouldn't trust unwarrantedly to anyone you're not sure in, you're prohibited to be naive, and real friends aren't extinct species indeed! I miss you, guys!  
Feel free to share some experiences from your life,  cuties! 'Epistola non erubescit' as they say! I love y'all!!!! 

My new kicker friend

Look what ya chicka's found in her closet! It's a tail of an animal whose origin stays still unfamiliar to me. 
But it matched perfectly my new backpack after I'd transformed the tail into this season’s must-have accessory, kind of like FENDI’s “monsters” in various iterations and levels of scariness aka adorable furry pom-pomed kea-chains . 
My new kicker friend looks more scary coz it has no eyes and any facial parts at all, just plain black and white fur. Pure chic, isn't it? 
Have you ever transformed anything useless into something priceless, ah? Waitin' 4 ya replies, my dearest readers!!! Love ya'all! 

My personal Women`s Day

My personal Women`s Day starts today with dozens of charmful tulips that I’ve bought on the market near my hood for the female part of my co-workers. Screw that I had checked my mail too late for I would have known about the business party having been cancelled earlier. Now I'm the one and only owner of eight wonderful bouquets of fresh flowers in my basin.  I'm so excited! 
Not that I'm a big fan of national holidays (except New Year, of course), I even naturally ignore the origin of the major part of theirs. 
But I like the idea of getting flowers every 8th of March just to be treated apart from girls who are treated too. I know, I know what severe males would reply but I vote for no boundaries in gender roles especially when things concern celebration of whatever you wish. Who says that women can't get presents on the 23d of February, for ex., in Russia which is traditionally considered to be Men's Day. I know many women who serve in the army and they do get lots of presents this day. And isn't it a harder service of standing on duty over harth and home for 364 days in the year? Yes, of course! 
So I wish you Happy Women's Day, ladies and gents! Buy as many flowers as possible and you'll see how life's gonna change for the better! I've already done this and I feel devinely happy. Now it's your trurn!!! 


Thai lunch 

Spinach soup with salmon slices. Very delish despite looking meagrely

I decided to come back to the things I got used to. New ones are good too, and I'll never cease trying something new every day and night (LOL) especially when it come to good food. Because y'all know how I like delicious food despite I hate cooking. 
But there are some places in our city which buy you at once since the moment you step your foot on their porch. Here are some marks which you could use to identify a good place to have lunch in: the price list is adequate, you can eat fast there but it doesn't mean that you can't eat well or you'll be dissapointed with the food or service. 
These places can be counted on one's fingers, but if as soon as they are spotted on the map of your town/city, you can decidely include them in your personal fashionista must visit list of places for centuries afore. 
As for my city,  I can recall some of such places: "РисЛапша" (They serve the best Philadelfia rolls), "Рис" (I usually order drinks there), "BalcanGrill" (Steaks ther are to die for) and some more.
I will write a special "where to eat" post for my lovely fashion gormand- mates. I promise! Now I feel extremely sleepy. That was a hard day for me! Really! 
Hurry up to kiss me online!  Kiss! 

Fashion escapade goes on

 Do you remember that video with a hot bald guy starring in, who I had been following on my way home and  posted his blurry image on Tumblr several days ago? That was my first 'love-conditioned' fashion escapade for it's not so easy, like it is in most European countries, just to ask a person that you liked to pose informally in front of one mere (but fabulous!) blogger's camera coz he/she might punch you or make you feel like a piece of crap. I'm ready for extreme for you, my dearest followers! I know this sucks,  but there is nothing to do with it,  coz it is a damn Russian reality, I dunno whether this is possible in Moscow or St. Petersburg,  but in Krasnodar it seems absolutely impossible to do. For sure! That's why I'm obliged to take shots of people in secret from their butt back side,  so that they couldn't see me shooting them.  And lookie lookie what I've done!  When I saw this guy I was really amazed,  coz he looks so gentle and elegant in his coattailed jacket. I'm not sure his Gucci bag is fake or not (Ditto about his coa0t), but nevertheless he's standing out against of his background.  Except me, of course! I hate everything fake. I think that if you can't afford an expensive original brand thing there are some alternative ways to look good so you have to choose them instead of buying countefeits. That's  what I always do! 
What about you, loves? 
Post some comments about what you see, don' hesitate...hurry up! hurry up! I love you! 



If THIS is my regular pill intake  at my early 26, what am I gonna end up with at my late 80-s?

I'm taking pills not to definetely get blind because of my worsening poor sighted view  (darn computer is to blame!), I'm taking liquid medicine against dysbacteriosis, I'm taking pills against daily stress and migraine that I suffer from, I'm taking pills, and it seems to me that  all I do is taking pills over and over again. I'd be the happiest man to get rid of them at all. But the reality is the older we are,  the more pills we have to  take. Do you call it fairness? 
Scientists probably got their pants bedsored but they haven's found the f###ng St. Grail which would help us to stay young and beautiful forever!
I clearly remember my childish dreams about such kind of a pill which,  as I supposed, would definetely be invented some day by some powerful clever mind who wears sunglasses with thick lenses which are lying on his thick nose  - I saw them on TV - by the time I'd earn all money around the world and be able to buy this pill. I'd work hard, I'd do the impossible to  get the magic pill. 
But at the top of my youth I'm getting closer to the idea of that thick lenses can't help poor sighted scientists to reach their goal, in case they'd have got rid of their myopia to fing the Grail after that. And that my cherished dream won't come true and I'm born to get older and take pills. Don't get me wrong. I'm not that pessimistic! I'm just trying to please my child inside me who's still dreaming of that pill being invented some day and everyone around would stay young and beautiful. Forever!  

1-2-3 - Action: Sara Jessica Parker's shoe line is at Nordstrom. Welcome!

Photo credit: Courtesy Photo

372 West Broadway, NYC on the 2nd of March 2014 is a must visit place for those who's been staying tuned for the one and only fashion icon and movie star Sarah Jessica Parker since the best fashion TV series SATC's  worldwide launch. Why? If you don't know yet, Parker's pop - up shop will soon host every it-girl and boy and all the nationwidely presented social media faces who's gonna get a chance to purchase pieces from a limited edition collection by Nordstrom signed by SJP herself!!!! 
As LAUREN MCCARTHY's article on WWD is to be trusted "Parker will be making personal appearances from March 5 to 9 at Nordstrom locations in Seattle,Los AngelesChicago, Miami and Dallas, respectively" [Sarah Jessica Parker Teams With Nordstrom by LAUREN MCCARTHY], so not only NYC located asses caught the bird of luck. 
I lurve SJP!!!! Look at her charming smile and irreproachable hair style! 
While surfying the net, my eyes bliked in amazement on this pair of  black classy look T-bar shoes  beautified by a chiffon rose on the shoe vamp and a salmon color clatch . So major! 
Click click click and pre-order ones at Nordstrom  (prices requested by Tel: 800-695-8000). 
Яндекс цитирования.