They kicked my #ss over there

Is it a beautiful place? Yes. But I hate it the most at the moment! Do you know what's happened here? I was on my way to Ivakhova Marine's show two hours ago, as I had planned it the other day. I didn't expect it was going to start after midnight though. But I had called the manager of Krasniy Pes. She gave me some instructions about the best time to come to get the best seats, but she had forgotten about security guards who crossed my way at the entrance. And they asked me WHAT? My PASSPORT! 
Sh#t it flatters me from one hand, but from the other hand, they kicked my #ss by that asking! I was p#ssed off! I had spent two hours to save time to go to the show for the moment! I arrived earlier for an hour or so. But the bastards didn't let me in, as a result!  I took a taxi and rushed home coz the show was going to start in an hour. I thought it was for the better, for I wanted to change my clothes too, cause the guards had been  staring at me like lions usually look at a mouse they're going to eat in a second. 
But when at home, I felt so relaxed, I poured some green tea in a cup, and started to blog. This is my last entry for tonight, and I'm dying of being exhausted! See you tomorrow, loves! Happy weekends! 

P.S:  I've got new friends from St. Petersburg! They are in Krasnodar! So, I've  promised to show them around tomorrow! 

Grace de Monaco

I've finally watched Grace de Monacco by a super talented director -  Olivier Dahan. And I am super inspired by his film. I 'm not going to spread the details for most of you had probably watched the premiere, for those who hasn't watched the film, I suggest to read the synopsis first, then go the the nearest cinema theatre and enjoy the film, you won't leave the place untouched. Acting, costumes, operator's work will bring you lots of emotions. I cried when Grace Kelly was making  her speech. She is shown like a very courageous woman full of wisdom and patience. She is worth admiring. Approved! BTW, we have a birthday the same day! I wonder, whether it means something or not. Will I meet my Prince Charming? And I also think that this was the best part for eternally beautiful Nicole Kidman. She played and looked like no one else in the world of rich & famous from the Holliwood Hills.  

Green knitwear (La Redoute),  blue cotton pants (H&M), a tie (Terranova), ink shirt (E. Lichutina)

 Maurice Chabale at the Diesel Rock-star party 

As I promised yesterday I've been working my #ss hard today to please you, my gorgeous readers! 
Here is the video from the fashion event organized by Diesel Krd which is called "the Rock - star party". I enjoyed it VERY much. Thank you, guys for having me at your feast of glory! There were so many stylish people for one square meter that my camera was about to set off a blast  coz I've taken so many pictures. So, I'll better let you watch the sh#t with your own yes instead of talking gibberish.  Voila.

Isn't it adorable? . I have something for you....Click Next...


I was looking for something to watch at night and that's what I've found

I know I've already posted too much about this new American dream  - couple, but I just can't help but posting a new video about Kim & Kaney, cause, firstly, I feel so inspired by them, secondly, it's like I feel they're something new in the history of the world show-biz, and they are obviously  worth being gossipped about. Finally, I just love these guys:

Golden plated toilet, anyone? ha-ha....I can't believe they made such  a tasteless choice! But, nevertheless, dream, b#tches! Wish your dreams come true! I love y'all!!!


Monday night gabble abt currently planned fashion events held in Krasnodar

Hi, my dear friends!  Missed me? Don't answer, I know you did. Me too.
Curious what I had for dinner today?
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Even b#tches like me deserve : summer 2014

I've got a new look in my mind. What do you think?

White plain sweatshirt with an original logo (Maurice Chabale, price by request)

shorts with embroidery (shop here, 640 EUR)

Black silk transparent short from Ann Demeulemeester featuring a waistband, an embroidered floral design and an unfinished hem (shop here, 978EUR).

Friday mood

red silky dressing - gown (my mom's present for New Year 2010)
6 AM and I can't sleep anymore! Nonsense? No! I just woke up cause for a few hours I was being tortured by the idea for a new venture which is going to see the light in November 2014. So, here I am working on a scenario for a short (aprxm. 13-min length) film. So, I need a young, creative, enthusiastic English - speaking non homophobic (!) camera man, a student, or a professional experienced one (with a prof. camera) who will charge me not more than 1000 USD for three - four working days, preferably settled in Thailand or Cambodia, or Turkey, or who's going to be there from November to December 2014. Please if you are the person I need, or you know somebody who can help, e-mail me  - mchabale@yandex.ru  - for further information. 
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Le Roi est mort, Vive le Roi!

I don't know how about you, but I'm crying at the moment and can't help it. Watch the Billboard Music Awards, and this is the best video piece from there:

"I want they'll give me a second life like they did it for Michael. I don't wanna be buried, I don't wanna be burnt, I don't wanna be put into a sarcophagus or in a tomb in Westminster Abbey like Newton, I wanna be Hollogrammed". 
Britney & Miley (Spears & Syrus, of course) would you be so kind to sing this for me as a funeral song, plz? I'll let you keep the rights reserved (but don't forget to share billions with my mom, just in case). JKiddin'. 
Maurice Chabale loves you, and Michael (RIP!). 
No, let's better get a new single for my first fashion show which will be hollogrammed too. Just imagine Sasha Pivovarova, Lukas Cindicic, Karolina Kurkova, Sasha M'Baye, David Agbodji and all these top models being hollogrammed and set free right on the catwalk.  (Tell me the number of that organization that protects intellectual property rights just in case somebody does it first instead of MOI, you all will justify that I was the first to have this idea, deal?). 



My personal YOUTUBE channel: Subscribe!

Sunglasses (H&M), shirt is given by my mom for my 24th birthday (label is absent)

I thought that it would be fun to have a new place where I can share my new videos with you, my darlings! Call me a fashion chameleon since now! This is my new job! I love ya! 

WATCH OUT: maniacs in da city!!!!

OMG, OMG, OW-MAI-GAWD. You'll never guess what has happened to me! Cause I can't believe it myself!!! I'm lost for words. Please, save me from myself! My guts are shocked and choked to their finest!
Let's start from the very beginning. Imagine:
9:40 in the morning. A squalid shuttle  - bus moving forward to the city center area. I'm buried in my tablets, gadjets, phones of all sorts from top to bottom inside there.  I ignore everything & everyone who's in & out every five minutes or so, cause I hate them at the moment, cause I'm the epitome of intolerance to every human creature in the bus when it's f#ing 9:40 am, I'm the most impatient one too! I'm shining 'You better not touch me, b#tch!' glow. 
The only thing I want is to get to my office in the middle of nowhere (I change it on Sundays) after getting the strongest double espresso in Starbucks near my hood as soon as the latest thought about work strikes up in  my head. 
Fancy a guy wearing a shabby grey sportsuit all covered with reels, aged 26-28 y.o, who smells like a piece of sh#t. But the ugliest thing about him is not his smell, but his strange quiet puffing (from his nose). This guy comes in the bus and goes straight forward to the place where I am. He takes his seat right next to me.  I  throw a disdainful look at him (he can't see it thou because of my Ray-Bans). Fine, now I have to smell a f#cking bastard and listen to his weird asthmatic breathing (I strongly doubt it was asthmatic, it was mostly MANIA-tique).
Luckily,  my attention is diverted by a funny picture of my beloved ANNA WINTOUR on BRYANBOY's Instagram.You've always known how to make my day, Bryan! I love you! You're my everything! Wish to encounter you some day!  
The picture makes me giggle slightly. But annoying breathing doesn't stop. 
I take my headphones out of my bag, I plug them in my iPod, and I hear  "And I swear there's a ghost on a silence..." ("Antichrist" by 1975). My personal Apocalypse is nowhere but here in the shuttle-bus! 
The guy nervously scratches his thigh  and touches my jeans like "by chance". I thought it was by chance till this insistent touch repeated again and again. I was about to tell him to stop scratching his d#mn legs or to offer to get him a Sulfidine when his hand slightly moved up my CROTCH. I died! I really died! This was so unexpected, that I'd  lost an ability to breath for a moment. 
I didn't know what to do. I was so shocked. I felt like I'm encaged. I couldn't move a limb on my body. But he did it for myself. He put my hand on his CROTCH. That was my officially proclamed shameless DEATH. 
I stood up and left the bus immediately. I didn't know where to go, just  as far from the bus and the guy as possible. I was about to call somebody up, but I just amelessly played with my phone a little and squeezed it in my right hand as if I wanted to break it. I was trembling like a virgin. 
One would be proud of that INCIDENT, but not MOI! 
Where is glamour when you are picked up by a loser in a miserable shuttle - bus who is brobably infectious or something? Who knows how many people he had already picked up in that desgusting manner which seems like he picks up prostitutes on the Red light streets and how many people he had f#cked after that way. 
I didn't go too far from a bus stop, I turned back and I saw HIM again! God, he might have thought that I had left the bus to give him a blowjob in a secluded place. Oh, no....I started to run away intended to catch a taxi, but there were no cars near at hand. So I caught another bus. You easily might think that there were five-kopeck coins instead of my eyes, that's how round they were, if you saw me at the moment when the guy was in the bus again!!!!! I took a front seat so that he couldn't take a seat nearby.  I sat alone then. After a couple of stops I left the bus rushing to the tube as a vulture. I felt safe a bit then. I took a tram after that, and started to think about the grey sportsuited guy all the way down. I can't get rid of his disgusting harrassment till now! I'm sure if I were in America, I would sue him. But this is Russia, wake up! 
This is becoming dangerous to stay here,  I guess!  Oh, please, I know there is a f#cking crisis everywhere, but please, maybe if there is one normal guy or a lady who will be ready to adopt me cause they're the kindest creatures in the world? 
Forget the previous phrase! Nobody will be ready to adopt an old fugly holder of the Russian passport, cause everybody hates Russia now there in Europe and in the States. 
Please, tell me that you LOVE me. I need your sincere condolescences. You know my e-mail (mchabale@yandex.ru), so hurry up! 

I'm so pleased that surprisingly I've got so many e-mails from New-Zealanders, and people from Australia. I love you, guys!!!! I wish your prosperous green land will become more prosperous in da future. May God save your souls from tough breathing maniacs. And don't use public transport whenever you are!!! It's not FASHIONable!!! I want to get more hi-his from London, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, italy and many other places on the world map. Whenever you are from, I'll be pleased and thankful to you for your kind words. 

Faithfully yours

Maurice Chabale


Zara Store in the 'Gallery Krasnodar'

Zara is one of those places where you could spend hours without being tired. Shopping there is pleasuresque, cause whatever you choose there, you'll like it anyway. 
There were two reasons why I  popped by the Gallery Krasnodar. Firstly, I needed to buy something for my aunt, she's got a birthday today. Secondly, I need to get something to mom, cause her birthday is two days later. She asked for a bag, but I can't choose any respectable bag in our cesspit aka Krasnodar. When I say a respectable bag I mean three bags: "Birkin" by Hermes, "Daphne" by Jason Wu Studio, "Chanel 2:55" by Maison Chanel cause we don't have the original bags  here at all!!!! I know my mom deserves to possess only respectable bags, but unfortunaletly her son is not born a gigolo, or a pander, that's why he can't afford 'em. 
I guess I'll handle this little prob. (No, I'm not going to sell my liver on a black market). LOL
Neverthelesss, I could buy something for my beloved aunt. 
I know, this is not Chanel #5, but it smells devine too!

Zara "White rose" perfume, a bracelet I bought in a second-hand shop (looks like real Hermes)

When I was choosing a bag for my mother, I saw lots of gorgeous ZARA footwear pieces which immediately relocated into my WISHLIST in less than no time. Let's count together: 

#1 Metallic -  striped sandals (1499 RUB)

# 2 Ethnic sandals (1999RUB)

# 3 Crossed Bio snake leather printed sandals (3799RUB)

# 4 Shoes on a platform

If you are good at maths, you'll guess that all oа these four cuties will make less in total than one pair of shoes by PRADA. Till you're poor, you have to choose between quality and quantity, So I'll prefer four to one for the moment. Will update tmrw. Bisous!

I'm not Dorian Gray

Some of you, guys, constantly asked me questions like that: "Why do you look so young?", "Have you sold your soul to the Devil?", "Do you use golden revitalift threads?", "How many children do you kill a day?", "Do you drink blood of unborn children?". That's mockingly fun. I know. But my answer is NO to all of the questions above. Seriously,  the core of my juvenility is simply in these Soldiers of Beauty which I've been using every single day since I'm eleven y.o:

They are new recruits which have been helping me to keep my flesh taut for about four or five years. I used to use different kinds of products in different moments of my life. I mainly follow advice of my aesthetician, that's how I choose them. Cause I have no idea of how to choose beauty products 'correctly', if this word is used 'correctly' in the context (pardon my French). I mean the last page I read in fashion magazines is one that tells  about beauty products, or I just skip it in most cases. That's bad, cause I am going to stock Chanel night creams, YSL powders, ESTEE LAUDER everything (whom I admire very much) on a shelf in my newly renovated bathroom to match its glamour and shine inside. That's why I should be informed about the best of the best products beforehand! 
My ignorance in this point is explainable. Firstly, I'm poor to afford myself Chanel products. Secondly, I haven't been asked to appear on the cover of  TATLER  advertising the most expensive product in their BEAUTY COSMETIC SURGERY GUIDE. YET! (It might not be TATLER, but any other posh edition where fabulous VAGINISTAS of all sorts are clustered together) Ha-ha.  Just give me an impulse, and I'll be Plato of beauty products, Socrates of plastic surgery! 

TIM ROTH starring in "BROKEN": 

I'm BORED!!!! I have NO inspiration. Maybe it's normal coz  hard -  working slaves on galleys  need rest too. It's been a tiring week. I decided to watch a film today where my favourite actor Tim Roth is starring, The film is called "Broken". I don't want to get you a synopsis, you may read it here. But the film is very SAD. Why ain't I got an intention to watch a comedy the other day? When I'm depressed, I always, f#ing ALWAYS watch dramas. And I hate it, but I can't handle it. So, I've just watched it. And all I want to say is that: 'Where do those directors find such a strong will for torturing their characters so much?"  I know life is cruel, but it looks so unnatural when so many broken lives are piled in a 90 - minute movie. I think one  drama is enough. And I hate when something is left behind the scenes. Nobody knows what's happened to that histerical father of those three b#ches. Nobody knows whether one of those b#ches died or not after a misbirth. Nobody knows anything about the future of a boy who fell in love with Skunk (yes, the name of a girl there was SKUNK, it's weird, innit?) when he moved for Birmingham. So many questions I have, and nobody can give me the answer. 
I was so stressed so that I started cooking. I cooked boiled potatoes with a herring. Here goes lard, and cucumbers for a starter. No vodka though! I'm waiting for my BFF to come. We are going to celebrate his promotion or something. So I'm off. Happy weekends, fashion monkeys! I love y'all. 


Maurice and Maurice

Do you remember that astounding movie "Julie & Julia" where Meryl Streep and Amy Adams starred together? It is based on a  Julie Powell's book  called "Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen". And both the film and the book are all about culinary profusion. There were thousands of different recipes which made you remove your saliva from your chin every now and then. 
Probably it is hard to say that I'm a big fan of food. You even  might think that I was born and grown among poor starving lads in Malawi that's how skynny I look like (which actually is not true, cause I want to be skinnier!). 
And don't tell me, that it's stupid or something. I don't care what one might think. 
I love good food, but the thing is -  I hate cooking. 
Actually, when I was a student and I started to live on my own on the first course, I was dreaming about myself learning to cook. I liked the idea of getting some of my gal pals together and feeding them till they  get twisted bowels <a devilish mocking sound>. 
When it happened and they started to come to my place, and I fed them, I had lost interest in cooking as quickly as  I got interested in it. 
Some transient compliments were enough for me to satisfy my ego. So that means that I wasn't intended to cook seriously or ever I didn't want to do it seriously. 
But recently I've got interested in cooking again! 
Now I tend to buy food and not to go to a cafe. I just come to a shopping mall, take a basket and put everything I want inside it. The main criteria for making a choice of this or that piece of food is the absence of anything which might look like a chemical element from the periodic table on its wrapper. 
And I'm quite happy when I play with the food when I cook. I like mixing it in an unexpectable way. 
Here is the first of my newly born culinary entries where I'm going to share my reinvented receipts on a regular basis with you, my darlings!
I don't wanna my blog being focused only on fashion, cause I think everything is connected in a row: fashion, food, art, literature & so on. Moschino by Jeremy Scott's FALL 2014 READY-TO-WEAR collection is the visual proof of my words. Furthermore, my receipts are undoubtedly fashionable! 
Just be sure that you buy only healthy food, and you eat healthily! 

 Recipe # 1 "Salad by Maurice Chabale"


Too much for one single day....

Hello, bros & sistahhhs. Are you doing  good? Just hopefully better than me I guess ....
Never ever wear f#cking unconfortable shoes, do it only in case they are Louboutins.  Mine are not, unfortunately, that's why I had to spent the entire day wearing my  leather sneakers  (the label isn't worth mentioning) and by the end of the day they've turned to the real nightmare like a Spanish boot if you know what I mean. 
My feet hurt like hell now. A bathtub with rose flowers,  anyone?
But I'm satisfied with the fact I could do so many things. Check it: I bought new bathroom furniture, I dropped quickly by my appartment, I went to the middle of nowhere to congratulate my friend, she's thrown a birthday party.


It happened by pure occasion. I mean I'd had an idea of buying the furniture before, but I didn't mean to buy it today.  I was moving back home, and I noticed a plumbing center. Actually,  it was a huge factory selling all those chic wholesale and retail sale stuff for bathrooms. I could find the world's leading plumbing and sanitation manufacturers' products there like: acrylic baths with hydro-massage, shower stalls with Turkish bath and Scottish shower, bidets and toilets, faucets and even SPA mini-swimming pools. Pure luxury, ah? My poor sight identified the furniture labelled MADE IN FRANCE (written in Russian), of course. I'm sure there is another label somewhere which screams MADE IN CHINA though. But f#ck it. Noone will check the label, coz there are no any label wh#res like me among my friends or members of my family. I liked its design. I'm looking forward to getting it. I paid for home delivery, they'll bring it next Friday. Their service was good. A shop assistant treated me like a king , I even forgot about his repulsive  messy look and bad smell dribbling from his mouth (No, I didn't kiss him. Neither did he. I was a good boy, he was just sitting too close to me). 
Then I thought: "Why should I wait for the next time to buy  wall papers, let's do it right now?!" If a shopping bug once bit you, you can hardly resist. God, I hate shopping for the home stuff though. I spent hours in the salon  which was next door by the way. I was rushing from Versace to Brewster Home fashions and backwards again. They hadn't got the colour I needed (read I hadn't got enough cash on MOI), that's why I bought something which isn't worth mentioning, coz I even don't remember the name of the brand. Believe me, I'm good at remembering brand names. I am as good at brands,  as I'm bad at remembering people's names.
So don't get pissed on me if I keep asking your name for several times during the day. Just remember, I'll do it better next day.
So I need to buy only laminated floors, a faucet,  order ceilings and the first out of three rounds of hell (the travaux d'achèvement) will be  over.


I made a back & forth trip to my new apartment. I haven't been there for ages. So how amazed I was to discover that they had started a new construction nearby called "Britain". Now the whole Europe is gonna move to Krasnodar, hope they will place new Galleries Laffayette there just in case.
The worst thing is that I've never checked what  my workers did,  cause I trusted them. They said to me earlier that they had finished making floors which was actually true.  I should have checked them probably. Cause when I entered the room, I found out that it looked too light for me. I mean it's good when your room is light coz the lighter it is, the more spacious it looks like. But there was another picture in my head, so now I'll have to replay it to match everything all right. For example,  I'll have to say no to a plush baroque sofa (I saw it last month) cause it will obviously be out of place.
The best thing is about the rural area where my house is situated:
I'm gonna become Marie Antoinnette soon, just  the same Marie Antoinnette at the moment when she felt so happy after they had built the Tuilerie for her. I've taken some photos but they are of a terrible quality, that's why I borrowed one from Yandex. Just look how green the place is:

Photo via Yandex 



I am so grateful to my beloved Pascal Grob (a blogger behind Fashion Bits & Bobs) who unconciously opened a new world of SVPPLY  to me. 
I'm at a loss of words, I'm so excited about it, that's why I find it reasonable to cite Pascal himself: "It is service where you can bookmark and find things found in online shops and retail sites".
Yahoo!!! There is one more fashion spree online  location where I can satisfy my fashion needs. God, it's 100 times better than porn! 
I have just joined this amazing website and created my own account there. I've spent hours browsing the site and choosing fashionable garments I like from all over the globe.
The first collection I created is called "Summer 2014 by Maurice Chabale" and the clothes I had chosen for it is aimed to put my tastes and visions around the upcoming summer season together.  
Looking at the outcome I start to think  that my newly born seasonal  inspiration  is based on random things: first of all it's lace, Asia, India, religion, then  - Arabic culture, transparent fabrics (chiffon), prints, black & white, nature, national costumes, uniforms. A FASHfortune teller inside MOI tells me that all these things will become trends in the spring/summer 2015 season,  as I've always had a keen sense of prediction of trends. You might ask my miserable messmates if you find 'em, they'll approve that whenever I had put on something new at school, there were some copycats who imitated my unique style. 
But live & see. All I want to do now is to get some diamond rings by Chopard share my inspiration with you, my lovely fashion kitties. I'm posting only a small part of my outfits on my blog, you'll find the whole collection (which is going to be updated on a regular basis) here. Just KLIKit. 
One of my favourite pieces is that Polygraph Long Sleeve Shirt from Lazyoaf


Organ, Poetry contest, Recycle, Yakitoriya, BBF birthday

© 2014 Maurice Chabale

Hello, my dear reader! I know it's been a long time since the last time I blogged, but I decided to take a little break for we Russians have been twisted by an assembly of HOLIdays and celebrations of all sorts for a couple of weeks. I thought it'll be better to put things together and throw them up at once than to post boring entries one by one. 
But first things first.
Яндекс цитирования.