'New hair-style' or how I failed in attempt to look butch

I'm sorry for neglecting my small area of fashionable  sh#t explosion aka my website is for so long, but it seems that just a flacon of Bleu de Chanel  is not enough for me to save myself from one's evel eye. You might have heard of a new Russian trend that MOI and my beloved silicon flaming superstar ( Just joking ) Sergey Zverev are promoting in our areas: him - in Moscow, me - in the pocky holes of Krasnodar. You must be living in the back of beyond Zimbabwe, if you haven't heard of Mr. Zverev. I love your new video, Sergey,  I love you, and you know it...@doublewink@
We both strongly believe that Chanel is the best apotropeic charm after golden Toras, platinum Korans, or  crosses made of some exquisite red woods or what have you. Click Next to see the picture...


That's what I'm going to wear today! 

H&M red jeans, sunglasses from a flea market, color striped sweatshot by MODIS

And remember my motto: it's easy to look fabulous in Chanel, but it's hard to repeat your success when you wear cheap clothes bought on a flea market. 

Resort 2015 Collections: KTZ

I couldn't stay aside of all that buzz around lots of posts on Instagram which depicted Resort 2015 Collections. So I googled Style.com immediately and chose my favourite resort show by KTZ.
Bravo, Marjan Pejoski! You've become my greatest inspiration for the current week. I'm your big fan since now. Actually, I was your fan long before this collection, if only I knew that you'd created a swan tulle dress for my favourite singer Bjork earlier?!  I'm all for Marjan's Macedocian gladiators whom he let smite the audience with splender who was looking at the catwalk in amazement. Models were wearing increadible tatooed tunics and absolutely divine gladiator-esque footwear. I can't wear most  of the outfits, cause they are as it's evident,  tailored not for tiny princesses but for steroid - bound muscle marries which is good! I love it! 
My favourite pieces of the collection include a printed oriental sleevless top and loose shorts which look like a skirt: 

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What's new chez vous? 

I've got preeeeeetty much on my plate for you, my dear friends! 
First, yesterday my 'familia d'enfer' left which is sad though. Unfortunately,  I couldn't have spent much time with my most beloved people because of work overload, but the time we spent together was the happiest moment in my lifetime. And they promised to come back in September, so it won't take us long to wait for the next warm and hearty welcome. 
Look at what we did and how we spent time together, the pictures  below tell their own story though. 

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Maurice Chabale + Maurice Chestnut = ?

I'm not one of those daft & crazy fans around pop stars, drag queens, celebrities. I'll never follow a celeb's way, I'll never hunt him/her for taking pictures of him/her, I'll never be crying like a frantic mamma at their gigs etc...But I just can't keep silent when I crush on somebody famous. If I love smb, I love them from the bottom of my heart and enjoy what they do.  You've probably noticed that I've got lots of crushes. Here is a new one....His name is - Maurice Chestnut. Yes, an actor, not a dancer. OMG...OMG...OMG. I've realized what the expression "dreams come true" means. All of us have an image of a Prince Charming or a Cinderella (it's up to you to choose yr fairy fantasy. ha-ha), it doesn't make an exception for me. I keep an image in my mind, and Maurice Chestnut is its pure reincarnation.
I'd love to meet him in person. Maybe I'll be dissapointed though, but never mind. I just love his character in "The Call" with charming Halle Berry. I'm gonna watch more of his films during the weekend. I advise you to do the same. Love ya....


As I promised. For you...

Hello, darlings! 
As I promised I'm back. And I've got something for you. But let me procrastinate a bit before I splash my weekly visual diary's inside out. I've spent a wonderful week with my family. We get on well together and I'm happy as a pig in mud. 
I don't give a sh#t what people say when I behave like a little child: I  never feel so self-confident as when I'm with people I love (I guess it can be easily mentioned in the photos below). And I think that I should work it out at weekdays too, cause one worries too much about people's opinion when he/she dresses up "too brighly", "too feminine/masculine", too whatsoever. 
But come on...Thanks god, we don't live in the country where they  stone you to death just because of the way you look. Russia is not the safest place on Earth, but I think  that a greater extension of liberty depends on all of us - people! I'm sure that till it doesn't trespasses one's personal space or crime legislation, nobody can say you a word. Yesterday me and my mom discussed this question in detail and we'd  hardly had an argument cause she blamed my "childish appearance" in some issues. For example, that some people don't take me serious just because I look like nothing but a 15-year old teenager. I'm absolutely sure that people who think so or subscribe to the opinion that people's appearance but not  people's deeds matter are completely wrong. Maybe I can't change it, may be it's true, but I don't give a f#ck. I'm living my life and I'm able to surround myself with people who love me and who need me. Let the rest rot in a dust-heap. 
Ignore my negative statement, I'm happy nevertheless. 
There is one more reason why it's that despite my 'familia d'horreur' has come. 
The summer has come at last, and it's brought thousands of little pleasures which complete you life to the fullest. 
Something like that, for instance. Click click click NEXT:


Disconnected from the world

Me and my 'familia d'enfer' are currently staying at my apartment where there is no internet connection. I mean AT ALL!!!! This is a VERY remote place and I can't contact anybody either through wi-fi or through  a wired connection, either in or out. Sh#t. Get me some morphine. I'm badly suffering from that internet addiction syndrome or whatchemcallit.  I've just dropped by my favourite UNI pizza place, where they have a free wi-fi to drop you a line here.
While I'm recovering from my sickness,  I suggest you to have a look at some peeks we made today in the morning outside my home on the second day of my parents' arrival. 

I promise I'll have been back by the end of the week with a sh#tload of photos and procrastination at its finest. Stay tuned. I love y'all. 


Serena fur-lined sandal, Dries Van Noten print shirt and some other beautiful things for the summer 2014 for fashionistas!

Serena fur-lined sandal in red sole with black fur. Shop here.



Photo via Pascalgrob.com

In a violet gleaming of Twilight,
Split by squealing of tireless Cicadas,
Gentle Glow-Flies kindle little yellow lamps
On the balancing leaves of slim Lindens.

And, transfixed to the summery Skies,
Pierced by marvelous glistening of Stars,
I am lulled with Your mellow lilting
That surmounts the softness of Silence,

Sending sadness aside from my Soul,
Filling limbs with unlimited Loving.
                           © Oleg Iovenko

How I spent Children's Day: photo galore

Shades (H&M),  blue cotton pants (H&M), plain knitted top (La Redoute), taut leather clutch (E. Zegna), tablet (Explay)

I've prepared  a photo report on the event held  in  "Литературный музей Кубани" (Kuban Museum of Litterature). My French students joined me and we went to the museum to get acquainted with the expostion called "Le monde des enfants" (The Children's World). And it wasn't on purpose that we came there on the 1st of June when we celebrate Children's Day in Russia. I rememebered about it only after we'd left the museum.  We had bought three tickets to go to this exposition, but luckily, the curators of the museum invited us to visit the second exposition too which took place next door. 
And I was obsessed by all the vintage things exposed there. I become really frantic when it comes to material things which have their own history and they are unique by nature. Click 'Next' button to see more photos

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