95 000 $ for a FRONT ROW seat? 

Now everyone can see every stitch on a dress made by Miu Miu, G. Armani or Fendi. The only BUT is whether or not you have 95 000 dollars  on your bank account or not! You don't believe me? Go and check it yourself at artsy.net
Fashion has become affordable: are you kidding me? I love fashion more than anyone in this world. Approved! But come on. I'm not ready to pay thousand of cash to just sit next to _____. (insert the name of a celebrity). Okay, if I had them, I'd probably pay for sitting next to Riri, or Carin Roitfeld, or Grace Coddington, Kate Moss, or  I dunno who...
Nevertheless, you know you can be my Daddy anytime. The 12th of November is my birthday, so the collections take place in February, so whenever you are in the world, you can e-mail me in private and make me the happiest man in the world by getting those f#cking tickets! We'll discuss the head money issue later on when I get the tickets. OK? I love y'all! Sleep well...

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